My top priorities for 2016


2015 04 11 An Evening With The Governor Doug Ducey 128A  5x7PRESERVING OUR WATER SUPPLY:   Water continues to be a top priority and a lot of work is going on all over the state. I have been engaged and looking for ways to improve and protect our water supply.  I was effective in helping stop the BLM land transfer with Kingman Farms. The Board of Supervisors continues to be involved in the Planet Ranch Severance and Transfer of water rights to the Big Sandy.   Phase 1 is complete and we claim VICTORY by being invited to the settlement discussions with State and Federal agencies over property rights in Phase 2. 

BUDGET CONCERNS:  I am opposed to raising property taxes and will continue to work to find alternatives.  We have had recent challenges with economic slowdowns and cost shifts from our state government adding millions of dollars of unexpected expenses combined with soft revenues. Mohave County’s share of the estimated aggregate impact from the shift of state fiscal responsibilities to local government in prior years was already about $13 million and we faced a further state impact of 2.5 million!  After much deliberation on our options to absorb these impacts, the board majority decided to reduce the Library District levy by 10cents, reducing the TV District levy by 5cents and adjusting the general tax levy by the cumulative 15cents with a net tax impact of zero to Mohave County citizens.  I am proud to have helped meet those challenges without raising the Net taxes in Mohave County and I will continue to explore spending reductions while working with the State to restore funds they have raided.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/JOBS:  I will continue to promote business opportunities and economic growth and work with Mohave Community College on training programs to serve the local business workforce. Broadening the county’s tax base will lessen the burden on our taxpayers and create additional job opportunities.   Economic and industry growth will aid our budget concerns.  We want good jobs for our citizens with good pay!

ROAD IMPROVEMENTS:  Highway User Revenue Fund’s are taxes placed on each gallon of fuel purchased. They have been raided of hundreds of millions of dollars by our state Government for years to make up for their overspending. Mohave County road crews have done a remarkable job with the funds available but the strain on our infrastructure is obvious to all and needs attention.  I will continue to lobby our state leaders to reverse the raiding of HURF funds and rework the way we pay for roads and bridges.  The HURF tax structure needs updating and has not received attention since the 1990’s and frankly our infrastructure shows the signs of this neglect. This is the number one issue within the State of Arizona and I am dedicated to help find a solution.

STATE GOVERNMENT:  Counties are an extension of state government. As a member of the County Supervisors Association and as your County Supervisor, I stay in contact with our State Senators and Representatives on bills before they become law.  It is important that we interact with our lawmakers at the State Capital to make sure they represent our best interest.

TRANSPARENCY:  I believe our political leaders must be held accountable to our citizens and I welcome you to stop by my office to obtain answers to your questions and allow me to build public trust by being transparent and helpful.  Please visit our County Website at  and join my “official” County Face book page which I update daily.  

I have served as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and I currently hold the position of Chairman.  I am proud of my proven record of strong leadership and I am thankful and honored to serve as your District 4 County Supervisor.  I ask for your support and your vote in the 2016 election cycle.